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Polecam at LA Auto Show

Just before Thanksgiving was the Press Event postion of the LA Auto Show. John Gillen needed a second Polecam op for the Jaguar Land Rover booth and I gladly obliged. With the less than optimal flooring at these events, the

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From NYC to LA

I am currently in Las Angles preparing for the LA Auto Show. Where does the time go? I haven’t posted a single bit from the NYC auto show and that was months ago. For this show, I was on the

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Polecam takes Aim

Freshly released by Springfield Armory, is The Saint. Its the first AR platform from Springfield Armory and I was there to help document the group of writers doing through their introduction, training and shooting drills in Las Vegas. Epicosity, an

Virtual Reality Is Really COOL!

With Fall upon us I need to post about what I did last summer. One of the most unique shoots was a Virtual Reality project that focused on bees. So imagine this; you in a virtual environment, not only surrounded

Carpool Karaoke

SDSU opened their new stadium, the Dana J Dykehouse Stadium, this September with a blow out concert featuring Luke Bryan and then 2 days later had a big win over Drake.  Part of the festivities included several videos to keep

I’m winded!

I worked with a colleague last week on a shoot for his new client. Someone new to the world of video production. The shoot went great. He directed and would be editing the final pieces. I did the lighting and

More Grippage

Its kind of fun to show how we rig different set ups. Here are some samples recent shoots. We were testing how we would rig up a multi-camera shoot in a vehicle. We needed to mount 3 mini cams and

Slew of Interviews

Many of my recent projects have been centered around creating well lit interviews incorporating part of their work or home environment into the background. In this setting the subject really lays out their full story for the camera. The issue

Sony E3

Sony launched their latest round of PlayStation material and a new Virtual Headset at E3 in June. And Polecam was a part of the show. Creative Technologies was behind the scenes and put on a heck of a presentation. Massive

Solar, Grid and Patches

Mid-June was my travel time. LA for 6 days, home for 18 hours then 3 days in Chicago. Early July has me in Atlanta. But before getting to that I saw some cool stuff along the way. Solar:  In the

2016 NAB Wrap #3 – Santa Fe Band

You think I was working the whole time?  HA. Gavin Wigg from Steam Digital and I went to see Las Vegas band Santa Fe and the Fat City Horns. It was way off strip (like in Arizona) and they play

2016 NAB Wrap #2

Of course resolution is also a big deal at the trade shows. 4K is here and in use, everywhere. I had seen an 8K camera and monitor a few years ago at the show and now someplace in South Korea

2016 NAB Wrap #1

That wonderful time of year has come an gone already. Hard to believe. This year I did more educational things than floor shopping and gawking. HDR, color gamut and calibration science is all the rage these days. Virtual reality too,

Loading into a Hospital

Earlier in 2016, I had two shoots with Susan Sherman of SVC International. Both were surgical in nature and one load in story in particular is worthy of its own post. These pictures are from a different event, with the

Monster Jam

These are from a few months back…. didn’t think about them until now. Monster Jam made an appearance in Sioux Falls. They performed at the Premiere Center and put on a pretty good show. It was a multi-day event and

Real Economy Panel

This week I was part of a crew that produced a live streamed town hall meeting on the local economy in South Dakota. It was sponsored by USA Today and Wells Fargo. The main contracting company as CLE out of

March is still Mad, and in OT

March has bit the dust. But the madness continues. These are shots from the NSIC tournament at the beginning of the month. I helped with Midco Sports broadcast and this was my perch. Between games I had the talent and

Cow-Vision (Moo-View for some of U)

OK, about a decade ago (can’t believe I just admitted that) my wife and I helped her parents set up a wireless video system in the barn. This helped grandpa stay inside during some of the “interesting” March weather while

New Low Tech Toy

Sure, I’ve always got my eye open for new things to help me get the job done better and faster. Enter “The Hook.” Not sure where I found this…. it was a hardware store somewhere. I got a handful of

Washing the Stains Away

The job was to capture a product demonstration for a laundry detergent built for delicate fabrics. What’s neat about the product is it’s engineered for cool water and can be used to hand wash or machine wash. Polecam was the