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They always told me….

…I’d end up with a grip truck. I fought it. I work lean. Compact and easy to pack. And I was wrong. Late summer I worked a 2 day shoot Gaffing in N. Central South Dakota. Neat place that doesn’t

Nature 1, Me 0

Corn time lapse

Thanks to the wine documentary project, I’ve got my hands on some neat time lapse capable cameras. One has a close focus opting in a completely weather-proof housing. One of its advertised features is garden photography. What could I possibly

Keeping the Goal Alive

In the never ending quest for better gear, I have progressed from Tungsten lamps to LED panels to LED Fresnels (Sola 4s and 6s) and most recently, LED Flexlights. The jump to LEDs and then flexible LEDs have been amazing

Steel Yourself

Sometimes, it’s just better to do it yourself. Like when its time to make custom parts for your Polecam. And in this case, when I say by myself, I mean with all of the adult males from the farm leading

Traveling Light (yes, light)

Lots of Airports. I have seen what feels like all of them. That’s not even close to true… but I do get a round a lot. And packing for production is something you can not gloss over. Whether its Polecam

2016 NAB Wrap #1

That wonderful time of year has come an gone already. Hard to believe. This year I did more educational things than floor shopping and gawking. HDR, color gamut and calibration science is all the rage these days. Virtual reality too,

Cow-Vision (Moo-View for some of U)

OK, about a decade ago (can’t believe I just admitted that) my wife and I helped her parents set up a wireless video system in the barn. This helped grandpa stay inside during some of the “interesting” March weather while

New Low Tech Toy

Sure, I’ve always got my eye open for new things to help me get the job done better and faster. Enter “The Hook.” Not sure where I found this…. it was a hardware store somewhere. I got a handful of

Reach Out and Touch Someone

After shooting two events back to back with a primary speaker on stage, I was not happy with the range I was limited with the kit lenses supplied for the job. They are great lenses, don’t get me wrong (Canon

The Wheels on the Dolly Go Round and Round.

A few years ago I picked up a pretty well made camera slider made by Varinon. It worked great. Travel was about 4 feet and it was very easy to move and set up, and was slick as ice.  However,


It was introduced at NAB in 2014. It was delayed but did start shipping before the end of the year. It’s the very advanced CION from AJA. And last week it was brought in by Steve Hirsch at AVI so

Shine On

A new edition to my kit is a pair of the Litepanels Sola 4 Fresnels. This little guys rock. These are very light weight and rather mighty LEDs that are daylight balanced and in a fully controllable Fresnel housing. The

New Toys

When you work in broadcasting and media, you don’t have tools… you have toys. Here are some of my new ones. A teleprompter has been on my list for a while. This year at NAB I found one I really

More from Las Vegas

It’s official, (in my mind anyway) LEDs are completely taking over. The 1×1 LED panels have been around for a few years and proved to very versatile–I own and use the Dracast models myself. A few LED Fresnels have been

New Gear in Action

An artist with ties to Philly and Africa, Elvis Yarngo, now lives in Sioux Falls. Focused Motion produced and shot his latest music video. Using the my new C100, cine lenses and LED lighting we took over a hotel suite

New Year. New Gear.

As the new Year hits us, I am hitting back with some new gear. Beefy stuff that will expand focused motions’ ability to create stunning images. New Lights. New Camera. News Lenses and a recorder. Santa must of thought I

10/25/12 Come Fly with Me

Steadicam is highly regarded as the coolest way to move a camera. I agree. Polecam rocks, but this is a different animal. These rigs keep the camera steady while traversing stairs and on long walks and runs for that matter.

8/16/12 LEDs & Anamorphic Glass

Last week I was part of a production that used some pretty unique tools. Client was pretty unique too as in he owned all the gear we were using. That almost never happens. We used the Arri Alexa Camera, Anamorphic

7/17/2012 New Lenses

I recently upgraded the lens kit for my Toshiba IK-HD1. I have a 4 mm and 15mm set of Primes. I also have a unique C mount zoom lens that rates 6 mm to 22mm. These are great, but I

1/27/12 3D Product Tests

As 3D field acquisition becomes more popular, the need for better tools to analyze the image has risen just as fast. Matrox recently released the MC-100 and it is loaded with features including a 3D analysis mode. It’s a small