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CES 2019

Operating Station at the Consumer and Electronics Show

Of all the trade shows that are in Las Vegas, CES is a big target on my wish list. This year I was able to attend… and work the show. The Consumer and Electronics Show is amazing. Its where all

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Polecam for Rubik’s Cube Championship

Red Bull does an amazing job firing people up. And not all of them are athletes!  Red Bull has a MINDGAMERS series that host events that challenge the mind: specifically memory, creativity, musicality strategy, visual intelligence and logic. These play

Baby Legs

The Hi-hat and the Low-Hat have been around a long time. I resisted getting either as they seemed too limiting for the way I like to move in the field. Then I ran into these little guys. Its not a

2016 NAB Wrap #3 – Santa Fe Band

You think I was working the whole time?  HA. Gavin Wigg from Steam Digital and I went to see Las Vegas band Santa Fe and the Fat City Horns. It was way off strip (like in Arizona) and they play

2016 NAB Wrap #2

Of course resolution is also a big deal at the trade shows. 4K is here and in use, everywhere. I had seen an 8K camera and monitor a few years ago at the show and now someplace in South Korea

Timing is Everything–With Some Luck

A client of mine has had a heck of a time pulling together all of the elements for multiple shoots in Denver. At least they are all for the same project right? This last one was suppose to be an

NY International Auto Show

Polecam was used for 2 booths at the NY International Auto Show last month. John Gillen covered Ford while Greg Salman and I did Press Day for Jaguar/Land Rover. What a cool event. Lots of cars, lots of Media and

NAB 2014 Part 1

The last few NAB shows I have worked for Polecam at their booth. This year I was free to wander at my own will. Found some pretty neat products I’d like to share. The first is a new twist on

Bronze Telly

Focused Motion was awarded a Bronze Telly for the production work it did on a project last year. The project was a series of education videos for the Sertoma Butterfly House and Marine Cove in Sioux Falls, SD. They featured

More From Maine

Here are some more images from the lighting course at the Maine Media Workshops. On one class outing we had to light an interview in a dance studio that had three large windows in it. This is where the daylight

Maine Media Workshops

Last week I spent a very full week attending a lighting class at the Maine Media Workshops in Rockport, ME. Doug Jensen of Vortex Media was the instructor and we did a lot of damage, er… good… to the things

Open and Operating

The paint is dry and the shelves are in. I even have a desk and dedicated camera bench-although it is full of old lights at the moment. Hell, there’s even a coffee maker. It just like I thought it would