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Seeing in the Dark

I have taken something for granted – the lack of light pollution where I live. Seeing the Milky Way, even the northern lights, is pretty common in the Central Plains so I didn’t think much about the stars until I

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CES 2019

Operating Station at the Consumer and Electronics Show

Of all the trade shows that are in Las Vegas, CES is a big target on my wish list. This year I was able to attend… and work the show. The Consumer and Electronics Show is amazing. Its where all

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Polecam for Rubik’s Cube Championship

Red Bull does an amazing job firing people up. And not all of them are athletes!  Red Bull has a MINDGAMERS series that host events that challenge the mind: specifically memory, creativity, musicality strategy, visual intelligence and logic. These play

A Ride-Along

After years of shooting video for news and for corporate projects, my opinion is that a combine is one of the hardest places to shoot clean video.  Why?  Not because all farmers are “interesting” drivers, but because the field are

Did you bring your sun?

What do you do when the sun just isn’t good enough. You bring your own. I gaffed a recent interview shoot and nature was doing its amazing thing… blazing sun into the corner of the frame adding life to the

Interviews and Tail Pipes

Every August the Black Hills of South Dakota come alive with the rolling thunder of tail pipes for the Sturgis Motor Cycle Rally. A few years back, I worked a concert venue for close to 2 weeks – and haven’t

Hutterite Film

Earlier this summer I had the opportunity to work on a very neat project with Sioux Falls native Becca Flynn. The working title was Hutterite. It was a short film based on her mother’s story of growing up in a

ORs, Boots and Broken Hearts

Not sure how else to start a story about Nashville…? All those things happened on a recent trip with some surprises along the way. The first one came in the airport. Before we took off when, one of our favorite

Working with the Four Percent

Working with the Four Percent In the start of 2017, I was fortunate to meet and start working with Vick Strizheus of the Four Percent. We have had some great projects since then and I want to introduce you to

Another Polecam Day in the OR

We received a call for Polecam in an OR. Collin and I stepped up and made things happen in Chicago. We have very few pictures from setting ups on surgery days. Surgery is always early morning and in the rush

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Going High End

A high end client had some commercials to produce. We had the budget to add some PL glass to accompany the 4K images we were going to capture. Translation: time to play with some high end toys! We shot 4K

Wines at Home

A group of us are working on a long format doc about South Dakota Wines. There is a lot to know about this topic. We are only scratching the surface and the stories being uncovered are incredible. To get some

Glitter Bomb

This could have been titled; No officer, I didn’t do it! Let me explain. A lot of the material I work on is not for public consumption. Its often held for a later broadcast date, part of a timed campaign

Polecam at LA Auto Show

Just before Thanksgiving was the Press Event postion of the LA Auto Show. John Gillen needed a second Polecam op for the Jaguar Land Rover booth and I gladly obliged. With the less than optimal flooring at these events, the

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From NYC to LA

I am currently in Las Angles preparing for the LA Auto Show. Where does the time go? I haven’t posted a single bit from the NYC auto show and that was months ago. For this show, I was on the

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Polecam takes Aim

Freshly released by Springfield Armory, is The Saint. Its the first AR platform from Springfield Armory and I was there to help document the group of writers doing through their introduction, training and shooting drills in Las Vegas. Epicosity, an

Virtual Reality Is Really COOL!

With Fall upon us I need to post about what I did last summer. One of the most unique shoots was a Virtual Reality project that focused on bees. So imagine this; you in a virtual environment, not only surrounded

Carpool Karaoke

SDSU opened their new stadium, the Dana J Dykehouse Stadium, this September with a blow out concert featuring Luke Bryan and then 2 days later had a big win over Drake.  Part of the festivities included several videos to keep

I’m winded!

I worked with a colleague last week on a shoot for his new client. Someone new to the world of video production. The shoot went great. He directed and would be editing the final pieces. I did the lighting and

More Grippage

Its kind of fun to show how we rig different set ups. Here are some samples recent shoots. We were testing how we would rig up a multi-camera shoot in a vehicle. We needed to mount 3 mini cams and