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Sony E3

Sony launched their latest round of PlayStation material and a new Virtual Headset at E3 in June. And Polecam was a part of the show. Creative Technologies was behind the scenes and put on a heck of a presentation. Massive

Solar, Grid and Patches

Mid-June was my travel time. LA for 6 days, home for 18 hours then 3 days in Chicago. Early July has me in Atlanta. But before getting to that I saw some cool stuff along the way. Solar:  In the

Loading into a Hospital

Earlier in 2016, I had two shoots with Susan Sherman of SVC International. Both were surgical in nature and one load in story in particular is worthy of its own post. These pictures are from a different event, with the

Monster Jam

These are from a few months back…. didn’t think about them until now. Monster Jam made an appearance in Sioux Falls. They performed at the Premiere Center and put on a pretty good show. It was a multi-day event and

Real Economy Panel

This week I was part of a crew that produced a live streamed town hall meeting on the local economy in South Dakota. It was sponsored by USA Today and Wells Fargo. The main contracting company as CLE out of

March is still Mad, and in OT

March has bit the dust. But the madness continues. These are shots from the NSIC tournament at the beginning of the month. I helped with Midco Sports broadcast and this was my perch. Between games I had the talent and

Washing the Stains Away

The job was to capture a product demonstration for a laundry detergent built for delicate fabrics. What’s neat about the product is it’s engineered for cool water and can be used to hand wash or machine wash. Polecam was the

March is Madness

Yup. Sure is. Add a bunch of end of season games, a few regional tourneys and some broadcasts by Midco Sports Net and then the national airtime for the SUMMIT League on ESPN, and then the Women’s DII on CBS

Grippage. Its A Thing

These pictures almost didn’t make it to the web. But after looking at them again, I decided they need to go up. They are from a shoot in late fall of 2015. We needed a coffee shop as a location

Polecam at Christmas at the Cathedral

Happy 2016!  Just before the year ended I was part of the live taping of the annual Christmas at the Cathedral concert at St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Sioux Falls. Polecam was integrated into the recording for the 4th year and

Portraits of Farming

Now that the snow is melting and it feels more like spring, I don’t feel so bad about bring out material that was shot late summer. Here it goes. This was a multi week project were the stories of several

The Big Dog – Yes, it’s as heavy as it looks

I was part of a shoot the other day and really can’t tell you anything about it. Its kind of top secret. But I can share these pics of the camera. It was crazy. The camera for the day was

ESPN for Iowa St v Colorado.

The college hoops season was set to launch last week and a venue in Sioux Falls was going to host the Iowa State V Colorado game. We’re a neutral site, until everyone there is wearing the red and gold… I

Behind the Scenes

A larger project for the State of SD has recently started airing, and I was working behind the scenes on its production. The shoot was a series of set ups for the SD Workforce Development Campaign–helping people train for jobs

Make it Up as You Go

For the BOLD Skills project I needed a way to have 1 light be a key light for 2 people in an face to face interview setting. This is not something I usually do but the room called for this

Shots from out West

In early July, seven of us packed up and headed west. Not for gold or other riches… to shoot in just about every scenic spot in the Western half of SD. This effort is part of a larger campaign for

Changing view

The view from my office changes so drastically this time of year. It goes from concerts to surgical suites in a matter of days. Then I follow it up with pretty much a full tour of Western South Dakota. Here

New Office View

The view from my office was pretty cool last week Saturday. I worked with Jeff at Spectrum Films and a cast of other characters to provide video board content for the Saturday In the Park event in Sioux City, IA.

Wind Tower Climb

Not long ago I helped with some video for Iberdrola as one of their Wind Techs in SD (Buffalo Ridge II Wind Farm) was about to be deployed with the SD National Guard. They wanted to highlight how supportive his

Interview Lighting

A few weeks back I worked on a project for a church and the following week it was for a friend’s church. Getting my graces in before Easter I guess. For this video we shot 3 interviews in 2 locations