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Baby Legs

The Hi-hat and the Low-Hat have been around a long time. I resisted getting either as they seemed too limiting for the way I like to move in the field. Then I ran into these little guys. Its not a

Another Polecam Day in the OR

We received a call for Polecam in an OR. Collin and I stepped up and made things happen in Chicago. We have very few pictures from setting ups on surgery days. Surgery is always early morning and in the rush

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Interviews are the Game

Well lit interviews are a very important part of telling a good story thru video. I’m not gonna lie… I was pretty average at lighting interviews until a took a few more classes and got to watch some other great

4/18/13 More NAB

So much to tell… No you can’t see everything, even if you tried. You would need more than the 3.5 days the floor is open just to get to everything. This show takes up the entire Las Vegas Convention Center,

4/23/13 Even More NAB

I broke out…. …of the booth… a lot actually. It was encouraged as long as there wasn’t a line of people wanting info on the Polecam PSP+ system. We had lines, believe me. But I also got out more then

4/17/2012 NAB Set Up

The NAB show for 2012 is entering it’s 3rd day for exhibits. This is my kind of candy store. Cameras, glass, grip, lights, audio, software, free swag, you name it. Almost every major vendor is represented here. This is an

11/08/11 Polecam for CNBC

A while back I was called upon to help solve a problem on the University of Virginia. Videolink (Boston, MA) was doing a show for CNBC and needed a JIB placed on the “upper deck” of the Jefferson Rotunda. That’s

9/23/11 Polecam Birdies the 2nd!

Steve Rausch of focused motion (USA) has been producing a 3D project for quite some time. When the Polecam 3D rig became available after the X Games in Los Angles it was time to shoot. “We wanted a complete experience

7/15/11 Anvil Shooting

Anvils. What else is there to say, other than… “incoming!” Seriously. I was brought on to do field audio for a show that looks into the word of Anvil Shooting. No really. It exists. Apparently this is mostly a Southern

6/20/11 Night shoot for Polecam

Polecam was the tool to have on a recent shoot. We needed a lot of images from a small office space as well as exteriors. All shots needed movement so the polecam was perfect. Because it is relatively easy to

6/8/11 Surgery: Dallas Style

My polecam was hired by Videolink out of Boston Mass. to shoot difficult angles for a series of heart surgeries. I was one of 4 manned cameras and 4 unmanned for a total of 8 camera sources. This was a

6/15/10 New Camera—New Mount

I purchased a new camera for my Polecam at NAB 2010. Because the camera control is also a recorder, it needed to be mounted differently than my previous cameras.  I couldn’t find anything commercially so I headed to the garage

11/15/10 Discovery 3D

Polecam is a pretty versatile piece of equipment. It can be configured for 3D stereoscopic capture. I filled in for John Gillen on a 10 day shoot of factories in the US. These images came from the John Deere Harvester