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Luck Reunion 2019

The Luck Reunion is Willie Nelson’s little contribution to the SXSW festival.  That’s South by Southwest for those of you that don’t speak country music acronyms. SXSW is huge. It last for over a week in Austin, TX and has

Another Polecam Day in the OR

We received a call for Polecam in an OR. Collin and I stepped up and made things happen in Chicago. We have very few pictures from setting ups on surgery days. Surgery is always early morning and in the rush

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BOLD Skills Project

Recently the finishing touches were put on a series of 12 training videos that will accompany the book 10 BOLDSkills for Accelerated Team Success, written by Scott Brennan. It is expected to launch on this fall. Scott approached me

I Get Around

I got to thinking while looking at a map the other day… “Man, I’ve been a lot of places for work.” How many I have no idea but thought it was time to figure it out. Should I county by

Alexa XT on a Steadi

The Steadicam has been out working. Last week I did a day on a short film using an Alexa EV with Super Speed lenses. Then we took it up a notch. Here we were testing the payload capacity of the

6/4/13 New Digs

After of couple of years of managed growth, I’ve expanded my gear collection and out grown my current office. So, I’m getting a bigger one. We are in process…. Added some walls, electrical upgrades, some sheet rock and a little

NAB 2013

Just returned from NAB in Las Vegas. I helped Polecam at their booth again and was able to speak with a lot of interested customers from all over the world. Some were in the market for a set up of

4/4/13 Rock ‘N Roll

Last week was a pretty big event in Sioux Falls for Rock n Roll Fans. The Brennan Rock and Roll Academy held a week long series of concerts to open and raise money for the Boys and Girls club. Who

9/27/12 Notre Dame Game

With a last name of Rausch, you wouldn’t think I’d be Irish. But every fall I break out the Blue and Gold and watch Notre Dame contently from my couch. I tried doing it in public once but found out

4/19/12 Hello Rodney!

Working at NAB leads to long days and some interesting opportunities. While presenting a Polecam system to an interested buyer, a gentleman joined the conversation and asked two short but well conceived questions. I glanced at his name tag and

3/13/12 Helping at NAB

The big trade show of the year is just weeks away. NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) is held every April in Las Vegas and it’s the place to be to test out new gear and maybe learn some new techniques

9/23/11 SD MarketPlace

A former co-worker and recovering video guy invited me to speak at the 2011 South Dakota’s MarketPlace. Chris Studer is the Comunications Director for SD Farmers Union. We crossed paths many moons back in the broadcast arena. His group put

8/12/11 Skyping

To keep production costs in check, a lot of programs are using Skype to conduct interviews instead of purchasing airfare to ship a producer half way across the continent. It’s almost like the real thing, but I understand the efficiencies

7/25/2011 SD Ag Summit

It’s not often, but I do get requests for long form projects such as speakers and panel discussions. This was the case with the South Dakota Ag Summit held in Sioux Falls last month. The Dept. of Ag held an