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Frequent Flier

Two polecam jobs back to back. A surgery shoot in Florida followed by a week long corporate event in California. This gear is earning its merit badge in airport navigation.

ORs, Boots and Broken Hearts

Not sure how else to start a story about Nashville…? All those things happened on a recent trip with some surprises along the way. The first one came in the airport. Before we took off when, one of our favorite

11-27-12 Steadi-Farm

Last weekend I took a friend and his boys to the in-laws farm for some deer and pheasant hunting. I also took my new weapon, a Steadicam Zephyr. After flying a Merlin for years and finally getting some time on

10/3/12 NFL Films

Last post I wrote about my trip to the Notre Dame/Michigan Game and did include some actual relevant broadcasting information. I did forget to mention one thing…. There is a tradition on campus where the band plays a pre-game concert

02/17/12 Magic Expansion

I just returned from a wonderful week in the Florida sun. My tan is much improved, but my tolerance for windchill has vanished completely. My family, both sets of grandparents, a sister and a few others spend 7 days introducing