7/17/2012 New Lenses

I recently upgraded the lens kit for my Toshiba IK-HD1. I have a 4 mm and 15mm set of Primes. I also have a unique C mount zoom lens that rates 6 mm to 22mm. These are great, but I wanted more range.

I added a 2.8 mm prime and 8 mm prime. These two fill the gaps and offer a wide range options with fast (2.2 average) aperture.

With a field of view of 89 degrees, the 2.8 is amazing for close up work with the Polecam. It will also be a nice width for a master wide in a confined environment such as a car or small room. The other lenses offer a more narrow field of view as demonstrated in the pictures below. Can’t wait to break them out on the next shoot.