8/16/12 LEDs & Anamorphic Glass

Last week I was part of a production that used some pretty unique tools. Client was pretty unique too as in he owned all the gear we were using. That almost never happens. We used the Arri Alexa Camera, Anamorphic Lenses, Arri L7 LED lights and a Bartech wireless remote follow focus.

The camera and lenses are something special but the lights are what I want to talk about. They are something else. They are LED which takes less power and put out much less heat. But the cool part is they put out a lot of light and you have precise control you have over color. You can literally dial in the color and intensity you want using the three knobs on the side of the light. This is new and very awesome technology.

Usually to have this type of control you need a big pile of gels, diffusion, blocking, dimmers and so on. Now it’s three control knobs. Love it.

The Bartech is pretty neat too. Ita a wireless focus control unit. I have a similar unit, a Hocus Focus that does what I need it to do and it does it very well. I’ll post some picture soon as I am using it on a job next week. The Bartech works better on these larger cinema lenses as you need to move the barrel much further to make certain moves.