It was introduced at NAB in 2014. It was delayed but did start shipping before the end of the year. It’s the very advanced CION from AJA. And last week it was brought in by Steve Hirsch at AVI so we could get a closer look at it.

This is a pretty remarkable piece of technology. First, its built around the very reliable AJA Ki Pro recorder. It records PRORES and DNxHD in various flavors. The chip is an APS-C, CMOS sensor with 4K native resolution and has a global shutter. It will record 4K and down-res to just about anything else you could possibly want. The mount is INTERCHANGEABLE so you don’t need specific lens mounts or adapters. You can buy the camera to fit what you have or will have. The user interface is very simple. 5 buttons and a scroll wheel. And I’m just getting started.

I think the most remarkable part of this camera is its ability to be controlled over a LAN or wireless network. Plug it in, open the browser window and you can see real time images as well as control practically all the functions. Taking that a step further, you can control multiple cameras from the same computer as they will register on the same browser page. Meaning the old days of gen locking and syncing over multiple cables can be replaced with a simple data connect. And then you can control TC, Record start and stop, file name and loads of other tech data across multiple cameras. This is quit a break through for multi-camera setups. Also, the camera was built to be modular so you can accessorize it the way you want to with grips, rod placement, additional holes for accessories built into the handle. Even pick your viewfinder preference with a choice of HDMI or SDI to feed it. Crazy.

This presentation went fast. Bamm. Our two hours were up. Lots of good questions and answers from the rep. Below are two images I was able to snag between comments and feverish note taking.