Cow-Vision (Moo-View for some of U)

OK, about a decade ago (can’t believe I just admitted that) my wife and I helped her parents set up a wireless video system in the barn. This helped grandpa stay inside during some of the “interesting” March weather while keeping an eye on the cows. Recently, cow vision died. *sniff* So we did what any grieving family would do. We bought an upgrade!

(Read this part with redneck drawl for more effect) I’ll get to that part but first know this: The old version was pretty darn good for what it was… but it was standard def, the aspect ratio wasn’t wide enough to see the full pen, you had to walk to the kitchen to turn on the TV to see it and the signal was maxed out. The manufacturer recommended 300 feet. We did 300+ with a barn in the way. Not bad, but when the signal went out, we brought in the new stuff. Introducing Cow-Vision 2.0.

The new set up delivers a 16×9 view over 500 feet all the way to a hand held receiver. The receiver is the size of a large smart phone, but you can stay tucked in at night while checking the cows. Can’t beat that! Plus it has color, improved night vision, intercom audio and allows up to 4 cameras on one screen so you can see more of whats going on in there. Plus, the antenna on the camera can be extended with standard cabling. So, the plan is to place the antenna outside the barn for even better distance. Might be able to watch them ladies while planting. Actually you can. This baby can be hooked up to Skype and will automatically ring you when the motion sensor is triggered. That part blew grandpa away. Shoot… he still has a flip phone.