More from Las Vegas

It’s official, (in my mind anyway) LEDs are completely taking over.

The 1×1 LED panels have been around for a few years and proved to very versatile–I own and use the Dracast models myself. A few LED Fresnels have been on the market but not to the extent of the panels. That changed at NAB this year.

Lupolux showed 2 Fresnel models that were pretty nice. Simple design with the chip upfront where the bulb would have been. Heatsink behind and a fan behind. Focusable. 60w draw for a 600 w tungsten equivalent and a larger 100 w model that equaled an old 1K in output. To be fair the Litepanes Sola 4 and Sola 6 have been out for a while to they were first. But, the Lupolux housings are medal and more durable. a good produce progression.

Dedolight has a full line of fresnels that they showed this year. I didn’t spend too much time looking at these but they did get a little warm when on. They had a passive cooling system that didn’t work the greatest and they also needed a ballast to work. That is a downer for me because of mobility. Many other LEDs don’t need a ballast to operate.

Dracast showed their LED fresnel model 135. It was well built and offered about 1.3K tungsten equivalent. Very hi CRI and worked just like a classic fresnel should. A new comer to the field was Ward Bright. They made some cool lights. Their weather resistant design was basically a fan shaped heat sink and they liked to talk about it. They also showed the largest chip at the show, a 280w LED. Using the simple math that light would put out the same amount of light as a 2.5 K tungsten light. Dang, that’s bright. The barn doors let you shape the light well. It was a little spendy but showed great progress for the LED fresnel models. And there were many more I didn’t even get to.

Now I need to buy a few…..