Nature 1, Me 0

Nature 1, Me 0

Thanks to the wine documentary project, I’ve got my hands on some neat time lapse capable cameras. One has a close focus opting in a completely weather-proof housing. One of its advertised features is garden photography. What could I possibly do with that??????  Hmmmmm….


Enter a grand idea. I wanted to time lapse a crop sprouting out of the ground. How sweet would that be? Seed under dirt and ending with a corn plant taller than the frame.  I secured permission and some land. Using the Lumos App to figure out sun poisoning for a 3 week period, I studied the ground for planting patterns; I was set. I dug a hole and planted the camera with the lens as close to the ground as possible getting test shots of a “stunt spoon” to make sure the framing was good to go. Now to wait and let things grow.

Corn time lapse Corn time lapse

After a few anxious weeks I went back to check on the project. And I’m humbled. I read the ground wrong. I was ever so slightly out of position. This led to a time lapse of the dirt in between the corn rows. The level of madness was infuriating. 

Looking back, I can laugh this off as a comical fail. I mean seriously, I’m a city boy thinking he can read a no till planter operation and track a corn seed underground. But I was THIS CLOSE!!!   Oh well. Next year. With help from the farmer that plants that field.

Corn time lapse Corn time lapse Corn time lapse