New Low Tech Toy

Sure, I’ve always got my eye open for new things to help me get the job done better and faster.
Enter “The Hook.”

Not sure where I found this…. it was a hardware store somewhere. I got a handful of these and they have been marvelous. I’ll explain: I have two convertible boom stands I use to fly in a back light for interviews. They have been used in other ridiculous ways as well. The stands have a hole in the back to attach a counterweight to balance the light. Problem: the hole is small and hard to attach much of anything too. I tried double ended metal clips, like those on a dog leash, but the clearance in the clip was not big enough for the hole or the sandbag.

These new hooks have two different ends. One is a closed end and the other is an open hook. I secure the closed ended on the stand and then the sand bag just slides into place on the open end. Problem solved.

A friend took one look and went, “Wow, that’s a great fix.” But on tear down, he was more concerned they could take someones eye out. Well maybe, if you are out of control and just running into stuff. There are a lot of dangers on any set and you have to be careful. The hook looks nasty but in reality it is pretty safe as the point is curved enough to almost make a full circle. You would have to shrink you head to under an inch and squeeze it into position to actually take your eye out. The point was noted and I am covering them with a few layers of gaff tape to add some cushion. But back to the story… This was a small inexpensive fix to a repeating problem. Stay aware and look for your next solution… everywhere.