New Toys

When you work in broadcasting and media, you don’t have tools… you have toys. Here are some of my new ones.

A teleprompter has been on my list for a while. This year at NAB I found one I really like and grabbed it. It’s the ProPrompter HDi 2 made by Bodelin. First, its American made in Oregon. It has great vertical flexibility for accommodating different camera and lens heights. It super light, it based around the iPad but can hold other tablets or LED screens, even iPhones. It also has a genius little remote for changing speed. This prompter can be handheld, flown on steadicam and maybe even fit the Polecam Tall Head. Need to test that last one but its looking promising.

More LEDs have worked their way into my light kit. I’ve added a small but mighty Litepanels SolaENG Fresnel. Love this little light. Runs off AC or battery power, has a lot of punch for its size, can be focused and dimmed. May even get the morning paper… I also have 2 more 1×1 panels coming from Dracast. Can’t wait.

And those LEDs need some juice so I added some Switronix V-Lock batteries to the mix. They are the XP-L90S, a 90 watt hr Li-Ion battery. They will power just about anything. They also have built in D-Tap and USB connections so I can power the producer’s phone in the field. That’s how you make friends by the way, keeping a guy from LA in touch with LA while on a shoot in South Dakota. They tend to remember those things.