New Year. New Gear.

As the new Year hits us, I am hitting back with some new gear. Beefy stuff that will expand focused motions’ ability to create stunning images. New Lights. New Camera. News Lenses and a recorder. Santa must of thought I was pretty good.

New Camera and Lenses: I have been wanting a S35 camera for a while but the different features on different models made it a very hard choice. After working with the Canon C100 in Cambodia and watching it survive a monsoon I was sold. That thing was bullet proof. The biggest benefit is the internal ND filters. The second is the camera sensor. Out of the box it is sensitive to 20,000 IOS. The firmware upgrade takes it up to 80,000 ISO. Images are very clean for that range. Oh, and I picked up 5 cine lenses to take full advantage of the full size sensor. And it has XLR audio inputs, and… and… and… and…

LED Lights. These have been on the list for a while. Picked up 2; 1×1 panels and a half panel. Add that to my 4 other LED lights and 2 accent LEDs and I am set. The new ones can run on AC or battery power, put out a lot of light and no heat. Perfect for moving fast in the field. And they are daylight balanced and can be dimmed down to less than 5% output for extreme control. I have both spot and flood models.

The external recorder is a Sound Devices PIX 240. I’ve been after this for a while for all of its features and finally pulled the trigger. Why now—well—it takes the C100 footage directly (any camera really-HDMI or HD/SDI output) and gives you a superior recording file of DNxHD or PRORES, up to 12 bit 4444. It records to SSDs so transfer and back up are simple. It also cross converts on the fly and had false color setting for exposure. I can play with this thing all day.

Plus, I’ve got the Teradeck bolt for wireless video transmission. Its range is 300 feet line of sight and it performed exceptionally well at Fashionista Miracles in November–that post is coming. This is technically not a new item, but pared with the PIX240, I can offer wireless remote viewing for clients. That is new.

So, bring it on. I’m ready.