Reach Out and Touch Someone

After shooting two events back to back with a primary speaker on stage, I was not happy with the range I was limited with the kit lenses supplied for the job. They are great lenses, don’t get me wrong (Canon 70-200  f/ 2.8 IS II) But I needed more range than that. Something closer to 300mm to get the right framing.

A little looking around and I was able to secure a Canon 100 to 400 f/4.5 to 5.5 IS lens. Its an older style where that zoom tube lengthens but the glass was pristine. And man can you reach way out there.  I did a quick functions test in my office. I used the light switch as a target and then zoomed in. Dang.

And now this week I need a very particular tight shot of a prop for a commercial and this lens will be the one called on for the job. Also thinking about wildlife stills and video this spring as I have a great place to hide and observe nature. Will be fun.