The Wheels on the Dolly Go Round and Round.

A few years ago I picked up a pretty well made camera slider made by Varinon. It worked great. Travel was about 4 feet and it was very easy to move and set up, and was slick as ice.  However, my kit has grown since then and the slider could not hold the weight. I needed a better option.

These options were larger sliders in much larger cases, portable dolly systems and then crazy things like Fischer Dollys. Fisher-I love your stuff but no. Not this time. The Dana Dolly has been around for a while and my first hands on exposure to it was with Doug Jensen at Maine Media Workshops. It was impressive. At NAB in 2015 I almost pulled the trigger but had other priorities to take care of first. As more projects came up that needed real solutions I went with the Dana Dolly and have been VERY impressed.

First, its made of heavy duty materials. Metal, yeah! The bearings and wheels are amazing and it packs tight into 1 case (excluding the rails). Speaking of rails… It takes just about anything thanks to an adjustable pipe-clamp design. Straight or curved track, just tighten it in and your ready. Set up is 5 minutes maybe…

The first week I had it I brought it out 3 times and achieved great results in very efficient time. One of these is below where we were shooting for a commercial electrical company. I wanted to do a longer shot and they had  12 foot sections of conduit against the wall. We grabbed a pair and covered the full 10 foot piece of prefab equipment in one take. Simple.

The other pic is from a future post. We are setting it up in a field for an Ag shoot. Later we dropped the stands and placed it 3 inches off the ground to dolly over cut hay while the family walked past. Magical stuff. More on that next time.