They always told me….

…I’d end up with a grip truck. I fought it. I work lean. Compact and easy to pack. And I was wrong.

Late summer I worked a 2 day shoot Gaffing in N. Central South Dakota. Neat place that doesn’t actually have an address. It was a house ranch in the middle of all the emptiness. What an awesome place. But, we needed to being a lot of gear. And well, it barely fit in my truck. Like, it was embarrassing how bad it didn’t fit. We had duffle bags on our laps since they did not fit. And that was the last straw.

I had 3 shoots the past few months where I think I spend more time loading and unloading stuff to find the right gear while rushing to get a shot. A Sprinter van has always been in the back of my mind but these last 3 experiences made the decision for me. So I went shopping. Does retail therapy apply to camera peeps when not looking at cameras?

Well, I found a beauty in Rhode Island and was almost ready to fly out there and drive it back. But I found another a little closer to home and that’s where I settled. The new ride is a 2015 Ram Promaster what has a 3 seat configuration, a deck for the gear and built in lighting so I can find it when I need it. The inside is almost 6’3″ and there is even rear heat and AC. Whoever had this before me, thank you very much. I’m playing with shelving configurations and bulkhead vs flag box. We have had a successful maiden voyage and figured out a ramp system. I’m very happy with the vehicle. The additional mileage bump alone was worth it. And now I don’t have to put my rear on the headliner when looking for parts.

There will be some more playing with shelving and stacking in my future. So many options. Anyone up for a road trip?