2016 NAB Wrap #3 – Santa Fe Band

You think I was working the whole time?  HA.

Gavin Wigg from Steam Digital and I went to see Las Vegas band Santa Fe and the Fat City Horns. It was way off strip (like in Arizona) and they play at 10 PM on Monday nights. You almost need to be a local to find this stuff out.

What a hot band. Screaming brass, tight rhythm and vocals, killer soloists and they played an incredible range of material. What a good time. We sat front row, right in front of the horns and man it was good Funk. And good funk is hard to find on the prairie… so we ate it up. These guys are all professional musicians and they play together one night a week and call it their musical healing. Man did we heal.

The craziest part–the $5 cover. That’s it. $5 bucks for a 2 hour show with all the lights, bells and whistles. We even had a drummer named Pepe!  If you get the chance to see them, take it! I can’t recommend it enough.