Maine Media Workshops

Last week I spent a very full week attending a lighting class at the Maine Media Workshops in Rockport, ME. Doug Jensen of Vortex Media was the instructor and we did a lot of damage, er… good… to the things we put in front of the camera.

The course was titled: The Art of Lighting and a Shooting Interviews. Doug has 33 years under his belt and is currently shooting Olympic athlete profiles for NBC in Utah. We spent a lot of time on the technical things that lead to improved aesthetics. Lots of little nuances to be considered on each set up. And we shot everything under Daylight LEDs. Very cool stuff.

There is a lot to share and I have raw video to process before I can post it. Here are some pictures taken of the set ups and shots of the monitor. My DSRL didn’t handle the extreme changes in lighting intensity when showing the set up as well as the Sony F55 did the actual talent so these are more informative than actual results. t also caught a lot of reflection of the monitor. When I get the frame grabs I’ll post them.