NAB 2014 Part 1

The last few NAB shows I have worked for Polecam at their booth. This year I was free to wander at my own will. Found some pretty neat products I’d like to share.

The first is a new twist on an old goodie, the Apple Box. Known as Blasso Blocks or Elephant blocks these are a more space efficient way to keep boxes in the truck. These are not really new items but this is the first time I have seem them stacked this way–loaded with mixed sizes for different scenarios. Basic and simple but good.

The next two items are tech based. A new camera from recorder/converter maker AJA and a new recorder from Atomos.The AJA CION is a neat product. Its heart is the AJA Ki Pro recorder which is very successful and easy to work with. Around that in a fabulous form is a PL mount camera designed for the shoulder that can be agile and light or rigged up with all the hardware for a complicated shoot. It comes equipped with an APS-C (cropped) sensor. At first I was taken aback by that but it makes sense. Shooting on a s35 or full frame makes focus difficult in anything but controlled environments. The smaller sensor will compliment the current assortment of 2/3 inch cameras that are all over the news and sports markets. It will also be an easier transition for the shooter with out making the large leap to full frame. Its modularity is very intuitive–meaning added on parts like handles, view finders and other grips compliment the camera and not work against its form. There were working models and my notes say delivery will be this summer. Exciting times.

Lastly, Atomos displayed the Ninja Star, a small but mighty recorder that enhances smaller cameras that do not have strong recording codecs, such as the GoPro. More or less this little gem is a stripped down and economy version of the current Ninja product which records ProRes and DNxHD over HDMI. The ninja Star has no screen but most of the functionality of the Ninja. This unit records only ProRes over HDMI to Compact Flash cards instead of larger SSDs and its very small and light footprint make it drone friendly (it’s that is indeed a term). Ok, forget drones for a minute, just having this as an option to get a higher quality recording out of a POV camera is a tremendous idea. The small cost of $295 makes it a smart back up recorder. Sure–no screen for confidence viewing, but really great all the way around.

I have more to share. Come back soon. I’m headed to work the Polecam for the New York Car Show this week so check back for pictures from that event as well.