NY International Auto Show

NYC Video ScreenPolecam was used for 2 booths at the NY International Auto Show last month. John Gillen covered Ford while Greg Salman and I did Press Day for Jaguar/Land Rover.

What a cool event. Lots of cars, lots of Media and very detailed presentations. John and Greg did the Auto Show in Detroit for Ford and another Polecam was added for this show. My position was in front of the Land Rover concept car what was unveiled to the press. And when I say unveiled, I mean the build up was palpable until the sheet was pulled off the vehicle. As soon as it was reveled the mood of the stage changed.

There was some down time so I got to wander and check out some of the other booths. Saw some pretty killer cars. The pics below show off just a few. There were massive video walls everywhere. Some curved to fill corners and get around columns. The stage lighting, music and special effects were mind blowing. It was like a theme park. Check out the link below to see some of John’s pictures.