Open and Operating

The paint is dry and the shelves are in. I even have a desk and dedicated camera bench-although it is full of old lights at the moment. Hell, there’s even a coffee maker. It just like I thought it would always be…

OK, well, it still revolves around work and IS an office so I may have to town down the last statement. Can you blame me? It’s like move out of your house to go to college. Fresh beginnings and new experiences. Sorry, getting a bit out of control there. I am happy to be moved into my new work pad-although there is a bunch more work to do. Still have some gear to sort out and deliver as well as a computer. Not sure which one I want to send over actually.

The address: 1908 W 42nd St, Suite A in Sioux Falls. There is a good change I will not be there but you are more than welcome to stop in and say hi to the folks at Impact who I am sharing the space with. Bring a coffee mug or make an appointment and I’ll have one there ready for you. Open house party pending….