1/04/2012 Iowa Mine

Another day, another chance to play with big trucks!

Thanks to the rather mild temperatures, a shoot that would normally happen in May took place the last week in December.

Mobile Track Solutions from Elkader, IA manufactures excavation equipment and modifies heavy duty Caterpillar Truck Platforms. They are in need of a new product video and have an active job site in Black Hawk County IA. With no snow on the ground, we could get the footage now instead of waiting until Spring.  After shooting day and night video of the scrappers moving a whole lot of dirt, we went to another site in NE Iowa to get video for their parent company. This site was overlooking the Mississippi River and there was a lot going on. Mining, moving material, blasting, crushing, sorting, clearing…. probably even a little basket weaving.

These pictures show just a little of what I saw at this second site. Gorgeous area. It must be marvelous when the fall colors are in effect.

We used a small, but capable, POV camera to get some super cool close up shots of the equipment working. Things like the hydraulics working, pivots pivoting and massive blade edges cutting and collecting dirt. I rigged the camera with a magnetic mount so it would “stick” to the steel. We had this guy mounted is all sorts of crazy places and the magnet held for all of it. Almost.  One big bump if the road did dislodge the camera from a spot overlooking the collection area of the scraper, but the magnet caught on another piece of steel and it stayed on the truck. Awesome!  And the video is even better then the description.