10/16/12 Skol!

My game of choice in the fall is college football. Pro ball is fine but I get more out of watching the college game. When Augustana College in Sioux Falls built a new stadium with an HD video board I knew I had a win on two fronts.

The Kirkbey-Over stadium open in 2010 and I have worked games there every season since. Two weeks ago was Viking Days and Augie hosted a tough Minnesota State team. They didn’t do so well so let’s talk about the video board…

The games are covered by three camera crew, two on the field and one up high center. What you don’t see is the start of the art control room. It’s on the third floor and manned by a crew of four. They switch cameras, record and cue replays, keep track of game programming and trivia questions between quarters. Facilities like this are common at the D-I and pro levels but not so much at the D-II. It says a lot about the college to have invested in one. Go Augie!