10/24/11 Fairies & Boxers

What do Fairies and past Olympic Boxers have in common?  Not much, unless you were on a shoot with me last summer.

This job was all about capturing unique still images for a commercial campaign. The still shooter was Dewey Chapman out of Kansas City. (He does some great work that has a very hands on, rugged/gritty feel: http://deweychapman.com) I did some grip work with him last summer (2010) and he called me up again for this job.

The shoot was all over the place, by design. One morning we were catching Fairies in mid flight as they waved their wands and made boxes scurry around a warehouse. The next day, we worked with a real life, honest to goodness former Olympic Boxer. He was battling against other monsters that can slow business down. For this location we used a gym setting and rigged up lights using barbels and other gym goodies.

Being I play mostly in the video world, it is fun and educational to work with a still photographer. I don’t think I will ever get over how much less light they need in a scene compared to video. But, it’s fun to work with another medium and professionals of a different discipline.  Hope we can do it again soon.