11-24-12 Big Shoot = Big Tools

Recently I was on the crew for a pretty large production. We shot close to 12 hours days for a 6 day period and changed locations almost as often as my son changes his mind about what to eat. Lots of work and lots of good behind the scene pictures. We used an Arri Alexa M, Matthews Float Cam, a jib and a crane, really good lenses, Bartech Focus Device and a lot of bodies. I’ll break the stories up for you.

For a legal assistant set up, we used a county courtroom on a Saturday morning. We had a judge, jury, defendant and prosecutor. And then a full crew. (Thanks to Dort at Overview for all the coffee and snacks.) Our gaffer was Tom from Minneapolis. He was brought in to help with the lighting and he was great. The last few pics show a set up he designed to get soft daylight on a lot of the set without washing out walls or overpowering individuals that had their own lighting.

The light source was a 1.2K Par HMI. For lighting control, Tom deployed a long silk and window frame, then shaped the light with a top cuter and two side flags. The end result was amazing and pushed in the right amount of light and color to make the scene perfect.