1/18/13 Off With a Bang!

Sundog in South Dakota2012 ended strong and 2013 was obviously taking good notes. My schedule goes from average to complicated to completely ridiculous now thru April when I take a “break” to work at NAB.

Upcoming events include:
Winter X games for ESPN in Aspen, Colorado–can’t wait for that one.
The day after I get back I have two shoots for two different clients.
Then comes a round of ISOC SnoCross racing.
After about a day off, I have a 4 day shoot scheduled involving a complicated surgery. I am not the patient but feel like I could sit in recovery with them for a while.
If I survive that I have some down time with the family before a shoot fires up in Nebraska.

If you synchronize your calendar you will see we are only 12 days into February when I hit Nebraska.
So, I may be silent for a while but know I am enjoying the crisp, thin mountain air followed by the sterility of an OR. Pictures will come as I get them.

Here is one to tie you over. A Sundog taken on a cold day in South Dakota.