12-12-12 Big Shoot = Big Tools 2

Back to the big shoot…

We had a lot of set ups over the 6 days of shooting. One was setting up a fake crime scene and the wonderful couple that lent us their house also let us “trash the place” for more effect. That was painful bit added realism to the scene.

Another scene was an office set up where we used a mechanical slider made by Matthews called Float Cam. This counter weighted device allowed us to mechanically control the descent of the camera as it crept in closer to the actress sitting at her desk. Very fun stuff. The motor was a little temperamental but when it was on gave us some gorgeous images. Ignore the dummy in the pictures below. She was just a stand in.

We used the Float Cam again in a utility room (same house as the crime scene–after we cleaned up). Here I am calibrating the motor and Doug Lee, our DP, was setting exposure.

The last scene for the shoot was a welding scene. We used some more of Tom’s gaffer magic to cast a heavy top light down on the talent. This was done with a 575 HMI and more flags. It was an impressive set up with the beam of light coming from above. Some smoke from a fogger added some texture and made the air really heavy. We then flew the Alexa in on a crane to get movement while the sparks were flying. The video was super juicy.