12/12/2012 Big Shiny New Trucks

Just before winter decided to show up for the season, I helped Rosenbauer America shoot some footage of two of their aerial fire trucks–or as they like to say, apparatus. I’ll take technical terms for $400 Alex.

As far as fire trucks go, these were pretty sweet. Both had captain’s chairs for the operators, plus joystick AND wireless controls for extending the ladders. The short one was 101 feet and the long one reached out to 109 feet. We used the short one to elevate up and get some neat shots of the long one extending and swing toward a building. I have spent a lot of time going up in lifts over the past few years, mostly for snox events, so being up in the air was kind of fun.

I couldn’t believe how stable and smooth these extensions operated. Even more amazing is the mechanical way the ladders extend and how much control the operator has over the nozzle. One picture shows both control modules next to each other. These are some serious machines. We also used the Polecam to get some moving shots of the truck and the operator as he worked the controls. Great way to close out the last few hours of nice weather for 2012