12/18/12 Christmas at the Cathedral

This concert is held every year at St. Joseph Cathedral in Sioux Falls. It’s a celebration of the Christmas spirit as performed by talented musicians and soloists. And this year the Polecam was used to capture it for broadcast.

The small camera size and mobility of the rig were perfect for this concert. I could get the camera in all sorts of interesting places to get shots of the musicians and audience from several locations in the church. And the camera movement made those shots very dynamic! During the second half of the concert I actually relocated to the back of the church by going out the main hall and back in through the rear doors and up the isle. This gave us wide shots that included more of the audience and beautiful location.

In the past the recorded concert has aired nationwide on CBS. This year is will air regionally on KELO TV on Christmas Eve. It was a great concert and I am looking forward to seeing the final product on air.