12/18/12 Live… From Utah

Last week I took part in a live broadcast from INSIDE an operating room. Yes, you read that right. There was a strict policy about no cell photos on that floor (unless approved). Being I was in Salt Lake City and not knowing who to get approval from… I can share a story and two pics of our “control room”.

This surgery was sent up on satellite for a group of 200+ doctors attending a conference in Orlando. It was also sent out on three different streaming channels. It’s a technical marvel that everything went as planned. We were working in the middle of 19 busy operating rooms and had lots of variables, not to mention the two hour time difference between locations.

Set up was the day before and we had to fly the cables to the ceiling to cross a main hallway. That was after unpacking and hooking up over 22 cases of gear plus my Polecam set up. In the pics you can see our control room which was st up in an equipment storage area. We had two cameras, the Polecam plus other feeds routed into a Tricaster. The signal was switched and then sent in two directions. One path to the roof and then over the wall and down to a satellite truck. The other went to the streaming computers with each sending out a different signal protocol. Crazy wild things were going on in that room.

The OR was pretty interesting as well. There was a surgeon acting as presenter and leading the broadcast while the real surgical team worked behind him. The surgeon leading the operation was also mic’ed up to describe his techniques to the audience of other doctors. They both fielded questions as they came in from the audience.

The surgery went well and all the clients involved were pretty happy with the outcome. Then came a mad dash tear down so I could catch my flight! I made it. Not by much but enough to make it count. Next time I’ll have to make some time for skiing.