2/20/13 Polacam at Winter X

After a few days on site, the Big Air platform was built and I was given access to build the Polecam. After hauling cables and digging trenches with a chainsaw to protect them from the snowcats, this was a welcome change of pace.

Because there was a lot going on during the practice sessions and competition I only have pictures of the rig sitting idle. Too bad because I really wanted to show how small the hole was I worked in. My boom arm was extended against a fabric backdrop with the wire truss rubbing against a support line. I had the camera placed about a foot behind the athletes heads and in front of the big X at the top of the ramp. Great shots. Tight fit… Director was happy!!

Fast forward past the competition. I made my way into the production truck after the show and got some shots of the interior. I so wish more people could see these working engineering marvels. This was not the 3D truck but had some active 3D monitors in it. Most monitors were quad splits or 9 splits to accommodate more camera or VTR replay inputs without eating up valuable real estate. I love walking into the different trucks just to see what is in there. Take special note of the picture of the Technical Director. He is the master of all of those buttons. He knows what they do, how to program them to do something else and can do it during the mad rush of live sports TV. That guy can handle pressure. Top man in my book.

Another neat thing was the Sony F65 I found in the broadcast compound. I don’t know what it was being used for, it could have been just for testing purposes. Heck the lens on it was cool enough. It was a 30-300 zoom t 2.8. Either way, this is a beast of a camera. It’s a very highly touted model in the Sony Digital Cinema line up. It can shoot higher frame rates at full 4K resolution. CBS used at least 4 of these to cover the Superbowl this year. The benefit of shooting higher frame rates at higher pixel rates is this… you can zoom in to a frame (up to 300% magnification with out loss of resolution) to see if the player’s foot was in bounds or not. X Games doesn’t follow boundary rules like the NFL, but being able to test in this type of an environment makes sense to me.