4/10/12 Report It

Last week I worked on a monster of a project. A crew of 4 (Jina Lind-Bosak, Greg Veerman, Doug Lee and myself) worked four intense days on a project for Steam Digital. The subject matter is important; recognizing elder abuse and properly reporting it. The material and actors’ performances made for some real gut check moments.

Most of the (elder) actors were from the Active Generations Center in Sioux Falls and are members of the drama club. They were a riot–and very gifted actors. They could get into their rolls, repeat the lines and actions better then most younger actors I have worked with. Their energy and great attitudes remained high through out the long days. That rocked considering the material.

During breaks the elders gave the crew so much flack I felt like I was receiving verbal jabs from family and friends. I kind of want to bring them on my next shoot. What a treat. I certainly hope that when I “mature” enough, I can carry as much zest as they do.

The pictures show some behind the scenes set ups. We shot a portion of the on camera material using a black background and keying with a large, soft light source. This look was very dramatic and will complement the powerful scenes that were acted out.