5/17/12 NAB and Then Some

What a month. Yes, I worked the Polecam booth at NAB. From there I moved from Las Vegas to Henderson, NV to take a DSLR masterclass with Philip Bloom. Then it got crazy. I flew home on a Monday morning–and then flew to a job in Texas 4 hours after landing. I literally got some fresh clothes and different camera parts and went back to the airport.

After surviving that trip I had several shoots booked, completed and a few rescheduled, editing and delivery deadlines. What a month. I am currently in Pennsylvania and have a shoot in Norfolk, VA next week. From there… I can’t remember…

So, here we are 30 days after NAB and I’ve yet to post anything cool from the show. And on that note I must say the Polecam booth was so busy I really didn’t get out to see much. We had an almost constant flow of people over the 4 days the show floor was open. These pics are of the Polecam wide head being shown off at the Atomos Booth. Notice the larger size and much bigger camera mounted on it than in the past. The new head will hold 8 pounds and really opens the door to a lot more options. Atomos, by the way, makes external recorders that double as small monitors. They displayed one at the center of their booth-right on top of a Polecam. These shots were taken during a coffee run before the floor opened one morning. That’s about the only time I had to look around. Here’s to next year!