7/13/12 Lighting

In today’s fast paced production world, you need to produce results fast. This is how I took a boring meeting room and lit it for a corporate piece. Set up time was half an hour.

When I arrived on location I was offered the board room to set up in. One look and I opted for a corner in a community area because it had more space. And that space is what helps a lighting set up look good. This is what I did.

I set up two softboxes. The key was lamped for 750 watts and the back light for 300 w. The overhead florescent were turned off and the set up became much better. But, it needed something more. Solution – a quick splash of “sunlight” on the back wall.

I used a cut out and 1/2 CTB gel on a 300 fresenel to create the effect. I had intended to use a Source 4 Jr with gobo, but I had it lamped for 575 watts. To much punch in that small space. After some tweaking of position and angle I had the set up I wanted. Something clean, elegant and in step with their professional image. Set up took about 30 minutes and the client was happy with what they had. I was happy to have a happy client.