8/3/11 Firefighter Steve

From years past:

My wife found this old picture while ridding her phone of unwanted forwards and old pictures used to help decorate the basement of our previous house. Here I am in full firefighting gear. I am not on any volunteer squad; so how did I end up in such flame resistant threads?  Roughly three years ago I shot a project for a fire truck manufacturer. They were going to test a newly designed truck in the controlled burn of an abandoned grain elevator. This was also going to be a training exercise along side other departments. To get the video I wanted, and stay safe, I needed to be in full uniform alongside the real firefighters.

I only really remember two things. I was really hot and I had trouble seeing the viewfinder because the face shield was lose and kept sliding down in front of me.  The flames shot high into the sky as the evening approached and it soon turned into a really big bonfire. But unless you had a 50 foot stick, there was no way to roast the marshmallows.  Good times.