8/7/12 X-Games 2012!

Scratch one more off the bucket list. I was invited in to fly the Polecam at the X Games in Los Angeles earlier this year. Gig of the month by far…

My time in Los Angeles took 7 days. Two were for travel in and out, one for setting up and checking connections at multiple locations and four were spent shooting some pretty wicked actions sports. The many days of events were broadcast over the family of networks tied into ESPN. It was Produced in 3D and did air on the 3D feed. Check with your local provider for more information on that on…

My rig was set up with a wide head mounted with a 3D “cage” holding two Toshiba IK-HD1 Cameras. Camera control was done over fiber back at the truck. The cage was a nice design, but I think a little heavy for the Polecam. But using the New Wire Strut system I was able to work at a 12 foot length without any issues.

Depending on the day, my assignment would change from venue to venue along with the athletes and their events. I has spots at the Street Park and Skate Parks and waaaayy up on top of the MegaRamp. That was the best place to be. I got to swing the camera into the athletes as they prepared to launch down the 85 foot ramp. My favorite shot was looking just over their head as then dropped off the block and into the bottom for their first trick. Crazy cool.

Some of the positions were a little difficult due to space issues and safety regulations. That and I was right next to the action. Swinging a 12 foot stick around a fast moving athlete can be pretty challenging.

But, everyone on the crew was just incredible to work with; from 3D support from PACE to crowd control from Site Producers. The meals were even pretty good. All in all, this was an incredible experience and a few friends were made for down the road. I saw some very neat things including the Hot Wheels Challenge, got to be inside the venue for Big Air and around the Rally Car pits. Sure hope they do this again. Would love to bring the family down for this one.