9/23/11 Polecam on Commercial

Recently I used my Polecam on a commercial shoot here at home. We had three completely different physical locations to shoot at with talent in an 8 hour time period. Plus multiple setups in each location. Thank goodness the rig fits half assembled in my Suburban which saved time on set up and tear down when going between locations. That way we could faster and get set for the next shot sooner.

The schedule was pretty brutal and so was the weather. One of those days where you wonder why people chose to live in places that have humidity on a regular basis.  At the end of the shoot I wanted to get some location pics and almost walked out to the truck to get my DSLR.  I thought about it for a moment-remembered the heat-then wised up and reached for my phone. Pictures are not the greatest but I did get to stay in the air conditioning a bit longer.