9/25/12 Seed Corn Processing

The past month I have been helping out another shooter, Doug Lee with some of his projects. One took us to a seed corn plant in Nebraska.

Seed corn, for all you city folk, is what farmers plant next year to grow corn. Don’t worry if you don’t get that right away. I’m still considered a “city boy” to my farmin’ and ranchin’ in-laws. You’d think after 10 years they would lighten up a bit… Anywho, we thoroughly covered the process from harvesting to packaging this product and these images are from along they way. They came off my cell phone so please excuse the lower quality.

We shot on Doug’s 7D with a handful of lenses and some portable LED lights except in one location where we had access to power and got to throw up a Kino Flo. We had to be mobile and quick as there was a lot of ground to cover. If it didn’t fit in the backpack or my hands, it stayed in the truck. Honestly, I was surprised at the size of this operation. It didn’t look like much when we drove in, but there was a lot going on in all corners.

Little known fact: The bulk packaging crates used for this type of seed corn can weight over 2500 lbs and have a spigot. This design feature is meant to reduce the labor of ripping open and dumping 50 pound bags of seed-one at a time. Just drive up and fill up.