All the Colors

There is a project in the works that follows a young bowler on her journey to beat some serious health issues and become a pro at her favorite sport of bowling. Sarah Kaufman is so full of life I really want her to succeed. For now we are starting to document her experiences in hopes of telling her story as a documentary or maybe even a series.


These pics are from our screen test. The above titles refer to the different colors of light we encounter in the shooting environment. Daylight bulbs on the pins, fluorescent lamps just about everywhere else. Some shifted magenta, others went green. The front desk had incandescent. It was a mess. For the interview we over powered them all with good old tungsten. The interview looks incredible. For B-Roll we had less opportunity to light so the pallet got messy but we still got some great images. The title also refers to the subjects we talked about. Some happy, some sad, some too hurtful to get into on test day. She has a battle head of her.

A short open has already been built and is stunning. More development is planed and then off to check with sponsors to see what we can make with this. More updates are coming I’m sure of it.