Behind the Scenes

A larger project for the State of SD has recently started airing, and I was working behind the scenes on its production.

The shoot was a series of set ups for the SD Workforce Development Campaign–helping people train for jobs that they can work in SD. We used the “Kieper Shed” as it is enormous, had welding gear and a car already up on a lift. Its like all of the hard to find locations in one!

The shots here are from three different scenes. 1) A garage, where the mechanics are working on a fixing a classic truck. 2) a wide shot of setting up the welding scene. 3) Preparing to climb and service a wind tower.
There were there scenes and the Polecam even got into the act. Those shots were done at a new home construction site. We flew the C100 with an 11-16mm zoom lens over the rafters to get an elevated look of the foreman going over the blueprints.

The spot is currently airing so keep an eye out.