Cambodia Part 1

Yes, Cambodia. Still trying to let is sink in and I’ve been here almost a week. What an interesting country. They variety of everything is stunning.

I am here with a group representing PFI. Prison Fellowship International. They work with the children that are left behind when family members, parents specifically, are jailed. Some actually live in the prison with their mothers if there is no other option for care.

Child exploitation is rampant. The organization has been around for a long time and the work they do here is good. PFI is creating a TV special to help educate the Western world of this problem and ask for assistance in their Christian Mission. As I said the work they do here is amazing. The cases are tough. We have seen some very difficult things but know our efforts will help countless others.

We have another week on the ground shooting some of the stories of the affected. They will be packaged for an air date in February and editing has already started here in the hotel. Below are some stills from production. More coming soon.