Cambodia Update

We have been shooting in the field now for four days, six counting the survey visits. There is a great level of need here but also a lot of positive things going on. The social workers who have helped us find these extreme cases are also translating our English into their Kamir. They also have hearts of solid gold. The way the care for these children and families is unlike anything I have ever seen. It’s moving to say the least.

So far we have had sunny and hot weather for out shoots. That has been good. But today the sky opened back up and let us have it. We donned the ponchos and pushed ahead getting some tremendous video of life in the streets and slums of Cambodia. The family we spent time with lives in a former crematorium. It is filthy and they do the best they can by doing any odd job they can line up to buy food. It is very touching and concerning. It forces one to ask a lot of difficult questions.

We have a couple more days in the field and then head home for a short rest and then off to Costa Rica for more stories. The show we are producing will air in February. Check back for dates and locations.