Carpool Karaoke

SDSU opened their new stadium, the Dana J Dykehouse Stadium, this September with a blow out concert featuring Luke Bryan and then 2 days later had a big win over Drake.  Part of the festivities included several videos to keep the concert night crowd entertained between bands. One of them was a story showing Dana and Justin Sell, the SDSU AD, driving on their way to the football game. What transpired could have come right off late night TV.

It went a little something like this: The guys relived some memories, had Luke Bryan on the phone-(he hung up on them) and some special guests joined in to sing the fight song. Here is what it looked like.

Left car shotRight car shotMiddle car shot

Part of our job as content producers is to hide the mess of video production so the story can unfold. Sometimes that story develops on the way to work… or a football game. Karaoke style. Here is how we did it. Using 3 matching Toshiba IK-HD1 mini cams with 2.8mm wide lenses and mirrored profiles, we mounted the cameras on the dash against the windshield. They were held in place with weight plates and magic arms. One had a gorilla-pod and a sand bag to keep it from sliding off the dash. The cameras were positioned on the right pillar, left pillar and centered up just below the rear view mirror. All 3 camera cables, along with lighting control, were fed out the window to “mission control” for recording and signal monitoring. Then all 3 signals went to video village for the producers and client.


I got shots of the rigging without talent or lighting in place. This is the ugly part we try to hide from everybody. [Spoiler alert if you think everything just happens organically.]


There was a second day of shooting and we had to recreate the entire set up and look again. The good news is we knew what to do. It was still a lot of wires. I did not see the video play at the concert but have heard good things. That means we did our part.