CES 2019

CES 2019

Of all the trade shows that are in Las Vegas, CES is a big target on my wish list. This year I was able to attend… and work the show.

Operating Station at the Consumer and Electronics Show
Operating Station at the 2019 Consumer
and Electronics Show (CES)

The Consumer and Electronics Show is amazing. Its where all the new consumer tech comes out. Robot butlers, wearable tech, E-sports and new wireless progress, new drone technology, and 5G integration.  I saw a massage chair designed to look like a Ferrari. There are smart footballs that can track velocity and trajectory in real time.  What a place to geekout.

There are also some very important Keynote addresses. IMB, Verizon and AMD all delivered I was there to run the JIB. The set up was great with w-i-d-e video walls and even a video floor that the presenters would walk across as graphics changed beneath them.  I was front and center for the action. Love this job. And that JIB. 

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