Cooking with the Browns

Last week Michaela Brown achieved a long time dream–shooting a TV pilot for a cooking show. On a break from touring, the Brown Family was back in Le Mars, IA and Michaela called me about doing the shoot at the Blue Bunny Demonstration Kitchen–conveniently across the street from their office. Like I could so no.

Michaela has written a cook book (From the Stage to the Stove) and does monthly articles for an industry magazine. We brought in 2 cameras and the polecam to catch it all and make the demo for her. And then we got to eat the extras. What a job!

The kitchen was set up nicely and we bounced light in from both sides to cover the shadows. With a primary camera ahead we had a second to catch the details and the Polecam for an overhead view. That was very useful for seeing into the pot while on the stove.

The edit is in progress and will be done soon. Here are some pictures of the production set up and 3 screen grabs from the Polecam. Enjoy your dessert.