Costa Rica – part 1

The second leg of our journey is under way. We are in San Jose, Costa Rica and continuing to work on the stories focused on the forgotten children. The last two days were survey days where we met all of the families that may be involved in the documentary. Tomorrow begins production with a full day dedicated to each of the 4 families we are highlighting.

The conditions here are several steps above what we encountered in Cambodia. Most people have at least some food and everyone has some sort of shelter. However, shelter is a loosely worded description. There are a lot of sheet metal structures-but often they are full of holes and will not hold back the elements. And the terrain often leads to flooding of these structures. One was recently taken by a sink hole. It is raining today so we will see how exactly how this affects the families tomorrow morning.

Below are some pics of the sights, the team meeting and prepping and a backyard where several kids play. A sad sight indeed.